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Cooler AirFreez- the portable air conditioner selling out in the UK
By Paul Adamson|  June 2019
Summer 2019: This all-new portable air conditioner has been winning fans all over the UK thanks to its HydroChill technology and unbeatable price.
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Cooler AirFreez lowers the temperature by up to 12°C
What makes Cooler AirFreez special?
This is not your average, everyday air conditioner, it's designed using the latest and most advanced climate control technology. The majority of air conditioners on the market are 10x heavier and up to 8x more expensive and, shockingly, they perform worse. 

This is why so few people are installing air conditioning despite rising temperatures. No matter how hot it gets, many people just don't think their wallets could take the heat. 
Cooler AirFreez is an innovative new product that right now has no real competition on the market, this is one of the reasons it is proving so popular (especially as the temperatures just continue to rise and rise)! As temperatures begin to reach 86°F and keep climbing, Cooler AirFreez has one of the best quality/price ratios on the market. Cooler AirFreez can help you keep the temperature down at home while keeping your electricity bill down!

In just one week over 80,000 Cooler AirFreez units have been sold
What is it exactly?
Cooler AirFreez is a recently developed air conditioner, purifier, and Cooler that is now available in the United Kingdom.
This new air conditioning system was designed and developed by a team of dedicated engineers. This multidisciplinary team of experts wanted to build a high quality air conditioning system that was affordable enough for everyone, while being resistant and keeping a high enough air cooling power. A system that would be powerful and portable at the same time. Lastly, they wanted to develop a system which required no complicated setup or upkeep, without bulky machines and pipes.

The team has to start from scratch in order to be able to fit the bill. Cooler AirFreez is the result of this research. 

So how does it work?
Cooler AirFreez is extremely easy to install and even easier to use. It's so small that you can place it pretty much anywhere. In less than 60 seconds you can enjoy all the wonderful benefits of air conditioning.

All you have to do is add water into the tank, then plug it into a standard wall outlet or USB port, and then enjoy the cool air! You can then adjust the air temperature at will using the built-in numerical thermostat. Not only does it cool the air around you, it also completely purifies it.

One of the best features of Cooler AirFreez is  that it is ultra-quiet - you can barely hear it when it is working at full speed. This fact alone makes it the perfect solution for your office, bedroom, social events, and anywhere else you want to cool down without a sound.

Cooler AirFreez will continue to cool and purify the surrounding air for a maximum duration of eight hours with a single tank of water, all the while using only the same amount of electricity as a small fan.
How to buy Cooler AirFreez in the UK?
To buy your Cooler AirFreez, order from the official website and you'll have yours in no time!

As Cooler AirFreez is a new product, the manufacturers are currently offering free shipping and half off the standard price during the launch period! Even better, there are offers for multiple purchases!
Is it worth it?
Think about how nice it would be if your office, bedroom or kitchen were always the perfect temperature. Now think about how nice it would be to  sleep in perfect comfort without running the air conditioner throughout the entire house. With Cooler AirFreez you get your own personal bubble of comfort. There's no heavy machinery to carry, no expensive holes to put in your wall, no pipes, and no huge monthly bill! The set up takes minutes.
Don't wait! Cooler AirFreez is the must have summer companion for 2019.
Just follow these instructions:

1) Order your Cooler AirFreez on their official website

2) When your system arrives just put some water in the tanks before use.

3) Enjoy a cool and refreshing summer!

It's that easy!

The portable air conditioner Cooler AirFreez is now available in the United Kingdom.
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