Turn Off the AC And Stay Cool With This $89 Box

July 18, 2023

It's upsetting that electrical bills often double from April to August. We've desperately needed an innovative way to combat this. At Wired.Today, we predict tech disrupters, and even forecasted (as well as others) the decline of the landline.

This little box we're talking about isn't going to disrupt the commercial AC industry, but it could have a big impact on residential. Air conditioning installation costs at least $500 and the monthly electrical costs continue to add up. A small fan is cheap but is insufficient because it just blows hot air.

Blaux AC has been getting a lot of buzz because it's low cost, and eco-friendly. You can use it in a small room or have it cool you down outside!

It's a unique unit–it filters your air and cools it simulaneously.

You can place the unit in your kitchen while cooking, next to your computer as you're working, or use it when you're exercising–inside or outside! Think about how much more you'll get done when you're not bothered by the heat. This new unit is self-contained and lightweight. It doesn't need to be next to a window or have a drain hose like the traditional units.

Here are the four steps to having cool air:

1. Purchase the device from the official site and claim their summer sale.

2. Fill its tank with cold water and plug it into an USB port.

3. Turn it on and feel cool!

It's fully adjustable so you can select the air speed. It purifies and humidifies the air as well. It effectively improves and cools your personal space.

Here's how powerful this tech is:

With a fully adjustable digital thermostat, you can choose an exact setting that feels most comfortable to you.

Cools up to 100 sq ft! If you're room is bigger you can keep the device closer to you, or turn up the fan.

Air blasts up to 7.5 mph. There's 3 speeds so you can choose a higher speed if you're further away.

A directional blade also can point Blaux AC in any direction.

You can cool air up to 7 degrees when you put ice cold water into the device. A single fill can last up to 8 hours.

By using the button below, Blaux AC will give you a discount and free shipping. Also, we recommend that you take full advantage of the multiple unit discounts - this way you can keep one in each room of your house.

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