How Smart Seniors Are Avoiding Repair Bill Nightmares And Saving Money!
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If you’re a senior and you own your own home, you could be leaving big savings on the table, and going through undue stress you don't deserve.
Carol Bennet, 67, had just moved into her life-long dream home.

After the tragedy of her husband's early death two years before, she had spent a long time grieving, but now she was ready to embrace life again, and buying the old Victorian house down the street seemed like the perfect plan.

She had dreamed about owning a beautiful old home since she was a little girl, and now it was a reality.

Sadly though, Carol's dream quickly turned into a nightmare once she moved in.
First, it was a broken pipe that started leaking in the basement.

Carol had known there would be repairs given the age of the home, so she dutifully called the local plumbing company and got it fixed, but she was staggered when she saw how large the bill was.

Next, the garage door quit working, and she had to pay more money to get it fixed.

Then, she found a mice infestation in the basement, forcing her to pay additional money for an exterminator.

After that- about a week later- one of the toilets quit working, and she had to pay even more money to get it replaced. 

And finally, about a month after she moved in, another problem arose, when her bedroom ceiling fan suddenly quit working...

Carol called the first electrical company she found in the yellow-pages, but when the technician arrived she found him to be very rude and gruff, and did not feel comfortable around him at all.

She quickly let him do his work, but when he finished and she saw the bill, she felt physically sick...

In addition, the technician told her he had found substantial wood-rot within her ceiling, and told her she would need to find a contractor to fix it.
Carol was anxious...

She didn't know if she should even trust the technician about the ceiling, but she didn't want to climb up the rickety old pulldown-ladder into the attic herself to look...

And the idea of wood-rot spreading through her roof filled her with terror.

Eventually, Carol resolved to find a contractor to look at it, but that's when the real trouble started...

Every contractor she talked to seemed worse than the one before.

Some seemed hopelessly disorganized... some seemed dishonest... and some of them were shockingly unprofessional...

One showed up smoking a cigarette, and walked right into the house without putting it out, but Carol was too afraid to say anything.

Finally, in desperation, she hired one of them... but after giving him a partial payment up front, he disappeared with her money!

Carol was at her wit's end... and all her excitement about the new house had been replaced by anxiety and fear...
Finding Relief
Carol was at her lowest point... when finally some good luck arrived.

Her nephew Mark was in town visiting family from across the country, and Carol remembered that he was a successful general contractor himself.

She called over to her sister's house and asked if Mark would mind coming over and taking a look at the ceiling problem.

He arrived the next afternoon, and after giving Carol a hug and catching up with her, he climbed up into the attic to examine the wood-rot issue.

Carol waited with baited breath below...

Finally, Mark climbed down the ladder and smiled at her.

"Well," he said, "It's not that bad - I can take care of it right now, it will take about four hours".
Carol was filled with immense relief... but instead of smiling, she found tears welling up in her eyes.

Suddenly, it all came spilling out...

Through cascading tears, Carol told Mark about all the horrible experiences... the unexpected repairs, the unprofessional contractors, the lost money... EVERYTHING...

Mark listened attentively and sympathetically, increasingly horrified as Carol's story went on. 

Finally, when Carol finished, he looked at her.

"It all sounds absolutely awful Aunt Carol... I am so sorry you had to go through that..." he said. "But it doesn't surprise me... this kind of stuff can be a nightmare to deal with if you aren't used to doing it."

Then he continued: "However, I think I have just the solution for you."
"What you need," Mark continued, "Is a Home Warranty Plan."

Mark explained that back in his hometown, much of his business involved taking care of Home Warranty Plan customers.

He told Carol that with a Home Warranty Plan, many of the things she had had to deal with so far would have been covered- as well as her appliances like her refrigerator and oven and dishwasher, and all sorts of other mechanical things not covered by normal homeowners insurance.

AND... she wouldn't have to worry about interviewing lots of contractors, or having one steal from her or show up drunk or any number of other nightmare-scenarios.

"Hmm... a Home Warranty Plan..." Carol said. "Aren't those expensive though?" 

"Nope", replied Mark, "Actually it could very well save you money. The Home Warranty providers pay for millions of dollars worth of work and supplies each year, and as a result they are able to get substantial discounts on everything."

Mark explained that contractors like himself often do work for Home Warranty Companies at a greatly reduced rate, because they like the regular work and guaranteed payments it provides.

He explained that a Home Warranty Plan could very well save Carol significant money, not to mention eliminating the MASSIVE stress she had experienced.

Carol smiled and looked at Mark. "Now THAT sounds wonderful..." she replied.
Home Warranties: The Right Solution?
We here at Money-Hero.org have done extensive research on Home Warranty Plans, which are currently surging in popularity across the country.

For a long time, Home Warranties were primarily famous as "add-on's" to the sale of a house, where the seller would pay for a one year Home Warranty Plan as an extra concession or 'reassurance' to the buyer.

As a result, however, more and more Americans got to experience how nice it was to have a Home Warranty Plan, and in recent years their popularity has exploded.

As stated, a Home Warranty plan can not only prevent stress and headaches, it can also save you money.

Economies of scale mean the Home Warranty providers can get repairs and replacements at a far lower rate, and those savings are passed along to the homeowner.
Our Top Recommendation
We’ve checked out all of the leading home warranty companies, and keep coming back to our favorite one: Choice Home Warranty.

We recommend a Home Warranty Plan from Choice Home Warranty for several reasons: They are a great value, they have a demonstrated record of dependability and integrity, and their service plans can cover an amazing amount of home repair needs.

Such as:
    -Heating systems and ductwork
    -Plumbing systems
    -Electrical systems
    -Water heater
    -Kitchen appliances
    -Garbage disposal
    -Whirlpool bathtub
    -Plumbing stoppage
    -Exhaust fans
    -Central vacuum system
    -Well pump
    -Roof leaks
    -Ceiling fans
    -Air conditioning system
    -Clothes washer
    -Clothes dryer
    -Pool and spa
    -Garage door opener
    -Septic system and tank pumping
    -Sump pump
    -And more
But besides value and repairs covered, we really like the fact that they are a proven home warranty company, with the reviews and accolades to back them up.
By utilizing an established, well-respected company like Choice Home Warranty, you can rest easy knowing that covered items will be fixed quickly and efficiently, and enjoy the same peace of mind that Carol did- once she took Mark's advice and got her own Home Warranty Plan!

Across the country, Home Warranty Plans are exploding in popularity, as countless Americans discover what a huge asset they are, in their ability to 1) eliminate stress and 2) SAVE MONEY!

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