U.S. Celebrities Expose Their Secret to Spectacular White Teeth in 9 Minutes - Guaranteed!

July 14, 2023 at 7:21 am EDT

"The Apple of Teeth Whitening" - Time Magazine

A revolutionary breakthrough in teeth whitening technology is changing how the world takes care of their teeth – and is now the most popular at-home teeth whitening solution recommended by dentists and used by dozens of celebrities.

The results are stunning and the system has taken over, becoming one of the most searched brands on Google in 2019.

The 9-minute million-dollar-smile guest list runs out the door and around the corner in Hollywood, with some of the biggest stars trying Snow and never looking back.

Where most light-activated systems use harmful UV rays or simply use a light as a gimmick, Snow has pioneered a safely engineered LED technology and a photo-activated serum that is safe and easy to use.

Why should you whiten your teeth?

You only have one chance to make a strong first impression and my smile gets complimented the most, thanks to Snow. - Miss Universe, Demi Leigh

Snow's proprietary teeth whitening formula is celebrity dentist-formulated to whiten the deepest of stains, including those caused by smoking, soda, wine, tea, and coffee. What makes it unique is the ability to whiten just as well as in-office dental treatments with an easy to use system that anyone can use at home.

Before & After of 3 Applications - Permanent Guaranteed Results (Without Sensitivity!)

Snow is currently shipping their products to over 180 countries, donating profits from each sale to children who can't afford access to dental care.

Celebrity dentist, Dr. Broumand, mentions the science of why having a confident smile is so important: "Today, social media and the 'selfie' have made people more aware of their smile. Thanks to Snow's technology, patients no longer have to go into the dental office to get the same results at home. Moreover, new technology allows for a safe alternative to veneers, which can cost up to $2,500 USD per tooth. This is a much more affordable alternative with equally impressive results."

Psychologist and sociology expert, Dr. Brown, mentions "smiling makes you appear more confident, attractive and sincere. When you smile at someone, the part of their brain that processes sensory rewards is activated, so they feel rewarded by your smile and have a favorable first impression of you".

Snow Teeth Whitening System is recommended for anyone over the age of 12 years old and doesn't cause any harm to crowns, braces, veneers, or any dental work. The new formula even helps to whiten teeth that were not previously able to whiten.

Who else uses Snow?

Men have previously avoided whitening their teeth because of the need to visit a dentist or for the lack of results lasting long enough. Celebrities like Chuck Liddell and Floyd Mayweather love that Snow's formula whitens even the deepest stains without causing the sensitivity of other solutions.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to making miracles happen in the boxing ring - worth an astonishing $400 million and with a pristine record of 50-0, it's hard to believe a man who fought for a living could have such a perfect smile.

Floyd puts it simple and quick like a hard right jab.

After 2018 saw Snow Teeth Whitening become the most requested product of the year, recent technological breakthroughs in 2019 by the Snow's state-of-the-art laboratories created the all-new Snow Teeth Whitening™ At-Home All-In-One-System, the first professional LED-based teeth whitening system you can use at-home with guaranteed results that's actually GOOD for your teeth!

Mayweather uses Snow Teeth Whitening for only 9 minutes each session and credits Snow's proprietary LED teeth-whitening as unsung champion behind his million-dollar smile.

Try Snow teeth whitening - it's the best thing money can buy. - Floyd Mayweather

While Rob Gronkowski and Floyd Mayweather may not have much in common, they both have a seven-figure grin supported by – you guessed it – Snow Teeth Whitening.

Unlike other solutions, Snow's unique formula is truly activated by LED technology to whiten faster and deeper without causing harmful side effects. White strips are outdated and haven't innovated much in over 20 years.

Rob Gronkowski

Healthy, easy, and most importantly Snow works without causing the sensitivity I had issues with from other solutions! I used a mouthguard in the NFL, but this one gives me the confidence to smile like I mean it. - Rob Gronkowski

This technology is so incredible New England Patriots future Hall of Famer tight end Rob Gronkowski tried it and was hooked – and then actually invested in the brand.

Gronkowski also cited another unique reason for joining the brand - Snow donates profits from each order to help children who don't have access to dental care.

“It's good for my teeth, and it's good for the world – what else do you need?”

The reality is that most teeth whitening solutions are simply not where they should be in 2019.

Americans spend more than $1.4 billion whitening their teeth every year (Wall Street Journal), mostly on pricy and painful dental procedures or using chemical-based, outdated white strips.

However, whitening strips and UV dental procedures can cause serious damage to your teeth, ruining the enamel and causing intense root sensitivity. Teeth whitening procedures at your dentist's office can be expensive and time-consuming, often taking longer than just 9 minutes.

"Snow has become the most popular teeth whitening product used by American celebrities"

Dentists realized that humans perceive a white smile as successful – even more importantly, employers may carry perceptions regarding an individual's potential for professional and financial success, and be more or less inclined to give them a job.

When looking at images, Americans perceive those with straight teeth to be 73% more likely to be trusted at a job than those with crooked & stained teeth. They are also seen as 58% more likely to be successful, as well as 48% more likely to be wealthy.

Thanks to this incredible breakthrough in technology, Snow has swiftly become the most popular teeth whitening product used by American celebrities, and the reason is simple: It's easy to use and keeps a smile shining like a million dollars.

Did You Know? Snow is the only formula that erases deep wine & coffee stains. Don't be fooled by knockoffs. Snow owns the technology and no other brand has their formula.

Snow's mobility and ease of use have been cited again and again as one of it's most unique advantage, and studies may tell us why.

An enlightening report by PR Newswire showed that 2/3rds of people are more likely to remember someone's attractive features over their unattractive ones, and a majority of people polled cited teeth & smile as the most attractive and memorable feature.

On top of that, love at first sight with a stained smile is a nearly a pipe dream – people with white teeth were 74% more likely to get a date based on their picture alone.


The Best Part?

It's affordable for the Average American and comes with a 100% results guarantee.

Snow's At-Home All-In-One-System is the ONLY product on the market with a 100% results guarantee and nearly perfect rating across tens of thousands of reviews. Snow can provide anyone with whiter teeth by lifting deep stains from coffee and red wine.

"My teeth were white enough just in time for my wedding day! It’s so fast I was able to sneak in one last whitening session before my pictures started!"

Not only does Snow guarantee your teeth will become visibly whiter after one session, lifting deep stains from years of coffee & red wine drinking, it also can help to protect your teeth from being stained in the future – all in under 9 minutes at your home!

Snow is the first teeth whitening treatment that is the ONLY product on the market guaranteed to remove even the toughest stains accrued from years of drinking coffee and red wine, help to prevent stains in the future, guaranteed to not cause sensitivity like other solutions, and is approved by the FDA.

It is incredibly affordable and makes the investment of the all-in-one system cheaper than a pair of nice shoes. And the results last a long time!

Don't Wait - You Deserve a Better Smile!

If you're ready to get a million-dollar smile for a fraction of cosmetic procedures, you can now get Snow stay-at-home system with a 100% results guarantee, 5 year warranty, and free USA shipping.

Snow has been built on a dentist-backed mission to bring in a new era of dental care that can whiten your teeth and keep them strong and healthy while preventing them from being stained in the future.

This mission is more than just growing the brand – it's about bringing in a new era of dental treatments to a world that needs it.

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