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Gracie Aldrich
My gift card came in the mail today!! I am amazed and grateful!!

Margaret Young
I thought this was a joke at first, but my gift card actually came into my mail this morning. #legit

Jacob Lamm
I'm not a gamer, but I just chose the PS4! Why not?! LOL

George Miller
Yesterday there was a delivery! I gave the gift card to my loveley wife's birthday... Love u babe )

Roy Eyler
It was easy, hope i get the gift card...

Norah Miller
Saw this one time offer and clicked it off because I thought it was fake. I saw the ad again and because I was bored so I decided to try it ... And I got a $1,000 giftcard!!! Whaaaat!!?!

Jamie Byrnes
Thanks, that was fantastic :D God Bless

Clarence Reck
Fantastic! I never get lucky with anything, but I hope I am this time!!

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