This Incredibly Tiny ZenCooler You NEED To Know About… (Everyone in United States Should Have One!)

July 14, 2023 | Tech Gadgets | by Robert Larson
"I can finally enjoy relaxing and staying cool wherever I go, and it hardly costs anything at all!"

This clever device is making it super cheap to stay comfortable and cool in the heat, it's genius!

Have you ever been hit with an enormous air conditioning bill but just don't want to turn it off? Are you stuck between choosing to be comfortable financially or comfortable in your own home? Well, this new breakthrough in cooling technology has the answer you've been searching for...

Air conditioning units are vital to some and make living in hotter areas or just hot summer days bearable, especially for the elderly. It can make your life a lot more comfortable

It's no surprise almost everyone has one - after all everyone wants to be comfortable in their own home!

Hot weather can make life extremely uncomfortable

There's just one big problem: Air conditioning can be expensive, difficult to install, not portable and is a huge eyesore that ruins the look of your home. But since there is no alternative many have dealt with it for so long.

Thanks to new breakthrough technology, there's a new type of cooling system that's affordable, portable and yet very stylish!

ZenCooler will keep you comfortable, cool and refreshed anywhere

What Makes The ZenCooler Such Good Value?

A Small group of engineers saw how much people were over spending on ugly air conditioning units and decided to design something revolutionary to combat this, something that could provide ZenCooler for pennies per day.

They worked tirelessly and designed hundreds of inventions until they had something that could not only beat air conditioning on price but every single area. ZenCooler is both stylish and cost-effective.

The team of engineers and designers finally cracked it...

The ZenCooler was born

Worrying about expensive bills that eat into your paycheck is a thing of the past. This invention has the ability to end the guilt of overusing air conditioning. You can now get ZenCooler wherever and whenever you want and it doesn't break the bank.

All In One - Air Purifier, Air Humidifier and ZenCooler

ZenCooler does so much more than just keep the room comfortable. It can also purify the air and humidify it for you too. It’s an all in one solution!

Air Purifier, Air Humidifier and ZenCooler

ZenCooler does so much more than just keep the room comfortable. It can also purify the air and humidify it for you too. It’s an all in one solution!

Is The ZenCooler Easy To Use?

With it’s cutting-edge Hydro chill technology and simple design this fan is easy enough to be used by anyone, Even a child could do it!

ZenCooler is easy to use, anyone can use it

Everyone in our office got the 2-speed fan feature to work effortlessly and let’s just say some here are more tech-savvy than others… you only need to fill it once a day, and even then that is overkill.

ZenCooler is also extremely lightweight yet powerful making it very easy for ANYONE to move it around their home or office.

This ZenCooler unit will make normal air conditioning a thing of the past simply because it is superior in every way. Once you begin to live with it you will not be able to go back to your out of date unit.

ZenCooler Is Perfect For People Who Are Fed Up With HUGE Air Conditioning Bills.

If you hate overspending and you're simply sick of overpaying unnecessary amounts of money on your energy bill, ZenCooler is the best thing you can get. It's a smart investment, we are saving a bunch now that we made the switch.

You'll save so much on your energy bill, it basically pays for itself!!

ZenCooler Is Also Silent

Sleep comfortably and stay cool and refreshed with ZenCooler. Air Cool is super silent, we love keeping one next to our bed.

Wait...I Just Need To Add Water And It Keep The Room Cool?

Yes ZenCooler just needs water and can last for several hours. ZenCooler is super simple to use. A single fill will last for an incredible 8 hours!

Watch ZenCooler In Action:

How Much Is The ZenCooler?

When we first researched, we were sure it would be close to normal air conditioning units and go for at least $400, or even $500.

You’ll be surprised to hear that you can get it right now for just $89. Plus if you get 2 fans you get an extra one for FREE. It's an amazing deal, considering most people won't think twice forking over $400-$500 for a conventional air conditioning unit.

Does This ZenCooler Live Up To The Hype?

Here's some impressive feedback we got on the ZenCooler from our internal staff testing...

There are so many people that are overspending on air conditioning and I’m one of them. But when I started using ZenCooler I didn't even need my A/C anymore, it's incredible!

Steve Taylor

Finally, an A/C fan that looks great and actually works. I have used this for 3 weeks in and it works everywhere, even outside! It looks great and I’m definitely keeping it.

James Harrison

I love how it looks, it even has a soothing bluish glow to it that my son uses as a nightlight. It’s killed two birds with one stone for me, I think it's great!

Thomas Curley

Conclusion: Is The ZenCooler Really Worth It?

Absolutely! After putting this device through a bunch of testing it passed every test we gave it. Not only does it keep you cool but it does so much more!! It take care of cooling, purifying and humidifying your room. Our entire staff was blown away and many ordered more for friends and family.

Here the most common pros and cons you should know:


  • Saves You Money On Your A/C Bill
  • Portable - Fits Almost Anywhere
  • Cost Effective - It Basically Pays for Itself
  • Stylish and Professional Design
  • Affordable for Everyone


  • May Be Running Out Of Stock Soon

Bottom line: Whether you are thinking of getting an air conditioner or are sick of how much it drains your wallet then the ZenCooler is your best bet. It looks great and keeps you cool , it's super portable and an all-in-one cooling,purifying and humidifying

How To Get The ZenCooler?

Now that you are aware of this amazing portable ZenCooler and if it’s still in stock, here is how to get it:

1) Order ZenCooler from the official website.

2) Enjoy saving money, relaxing and staying cool!!

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